Welcome to The Cat’s Pyjamas!

Imagine a place for your child, where they connect with each other, the adults around them, the community and nature.

A loving place where they come to be themselves, to find their identity which makes them unique, so they feel loved and worthy as individuals.  

An inspiring space for early childhood education, The Cat’s Pyjamas is a world where your child can explore and discover, be and become, learning lifelong skills so they prosper and grow into the best they can be!

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Committed to Quality

The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery offers a safe, warm and nurturing environment for your child, with excellent ratios, quality age-appropriate group sizes, with qualified, experienced and caring teachers.

A wonderful testament to our commitment to quality are our excellent Education Review Office Reports.

Inspiring Environments

When you walk into The Cat’s Pyjamas you will see that we are passionate about creating beautiful, peaceful and natural environments for our children.

Our Centres are modern, purpose built facilities. We provide an extensive range of resources to assist in capturing children’s curiosity and growing their minds.  We believe in the power of nature and are proud of our beautiful outdoor spaces.  


Children are naturally motivated to play. Our play-based programme builds on this motivation, using play as a context for learning. In this context, children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.


Care and education at The Cat’s Pyjamas is a collaborative process. Children, teachers, whānau and the community constantly engage to reflect on the aspirations and learning outcomes for all children. At The Cat’s Pyjamas, children, whānau and teachers are respected, valued and honoured.


Two Very Special Centres

Leading Early Childhood Education in Rolleston and West Melton

Two Very Special Centres

Leading Early Childhood Education in Rolleston and West Melton

Our Parent Handbook

Ready to learn more about our programme, people and places? Download The Cat’s Pyjama’s Parent Handbook now for full info on everything from hours and attendance, to fees and subsidies.

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