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If your child is secure and happy, they’ll learn and develop to their full potential. The Cat’s Pyjamas care and educational programme has a flexible approach within a safe, calm and stimulating environment for infants, toddlers and young children.

At The Cat’s Pyjamas children enjoy a well-prepared, carefully designed programme encompassing Te Whariki (our New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum). We recognise the bi-cultural values and principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi. Te reo and tikanga Maori are woven into our daily practice. We integrate key learning areas into our early childhood programme, such as early literacy and early mathematics in a contextual and meaningful way.

From this holistic base, we bring learning to life in our beautiful, nature-rich environments, under the guidance of qualified, caring teachers and, most importantly, plenty of play!

Our programme celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths in their learning journey and development. Our teachers take time to notice your child’s individual interests. They will communicate with you about your aspirations for your child, and together we will create specific learning goals. The teachers will plan experiences that will support your child to reach these goals and communicate with you about your child’s progress.

Our learning spaces are calm and unhurried. We aim to allow time for rich conversations and opportunities for our children to grow and learn as individuals. We provide children with the freedom to explore and make their own discoveries whilst supporting a sense of wonder and curiosity.

We see fun and surprise, experimentation and conversation as key to provoking children’s interest in exploring new understandings and possibilities. Teachers work from a strength basis to reinforce and extend children’s interests, learning and development in a holistic way..
Your Child’s Learning Journey
Primary Caregiving
When an infant or toddler starts at one of our centres, they have their needs met foremost by their primary caregiver in order for them to establish a strong bond from the beginning. If a child has a preference to a particular teacher after a primary caregiver is assigned, changes may be made to acknowledge and respect this child’s feelings. The Primary Caregiver is responsible for providing consistent care in a way that maximises the potential for learning in all experiences. This allows a strong and secure attachment between child and primary caregiver to develop, and helps the child to gain a positive sense of self-worth.
Transition to School
It is not about readiness for school, but readiness for life. The most important factors for early childhood are our children developing positive imagery of themselves as a learner and learning to LOVE to learn! That way they start school with all the tools they need.

It is our aim at The Cat’s Pyjamas is to send children to school who are confident and competent in a wide range of skills and experiences.

We also work closely with the schools in our area to ensure that your child’s transition to school is enjoyable for yourselves and your child.
Profile Books
We know as parents, how much you love knowing what you child gets up to during the day. It is our aim to include you in their day as much as possible.  We aim to ensure that a teacher is always available for a chat at drop off and pick up.

Your child will have their very own book which will be used to document your child’s learning goals, their achievements, magic moments throughout their time at The Cat’s Pyjamas, and even snippets of their artwork.  The children love reading and sharing these special books, and they become a wonderful keepsake for families.
Special Events
We also hold events such whānau evenings, education evenings, and celebrations where we welcome families to come in, spend some time in the Centre, and talk to the team about your child’s time at The Cat’s Pyjamas.
The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery offers quality, nurturing early childhood education and care from two purpose-built centres in Rolleston and West Melton.

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The Cat's Pyjamas

The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery West Melton
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The Cat’s Pyjamas Preschool & Nursery Rolleston
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